debuging woes

Darrell Esau desau at
Fri Jan 23 00:10:44 GMT 2004

Ok -- I'm working on a UI plugin for noatun (from kde 3.2beta)

Everything was working great until some recent changes that I made to my
plugin's user interface.  Now, when I load the plugin in noatun, it just
dies silently (no core, no debuging information, nothing).

I can put some printf statements in my plugin and I see them getting
called up to a point (just before constructing an object).. then it all
goes away.

I've recompiled noatun with --enable-debug=full, but I still get nothing
from noatun.  gdb tells me that there's no debugging information to be

Checking kdebugdialog shows that area 0 has all debugging turned on (to
stderr/stdout), and area 66666 has all debugging turned on (to

Any suggestions on where to go from here?  I've fought with this for
about 10 hours now trying to figure out where it's dieing.


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