Noatun - problem with kjofol skins

Pavel Troller patrol at
Thu Jan 8 05:37:51 GMT 2004

  Today I've found that my kjofol skins are dead. The image is not displayed,
but a "negative" violet silhouette of the image, put into a rectangle which
contains the image, is displayed. (i.e. the image itself is missing, background
is visible, and the "rest" of the rectangle is filled with violet). The same
applies for the real skin as well for the preview in the kjofol settings dialog.
  Maybe it's related to the qt upgrade (from qt-copy), which I did recently,
I don't have other explanation for that.
  Does anybody observe the same? Can the problem be fixed ? I'm not filling
a BR because I'm not sure it's not my local problem here yet...
It's CVS of course.

                                             With regards, Pavel Troller

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