[Bug 53439] ICECast / Shoutcast title streaming

Charles Samuels charles at kde.org
Sun Jan 4 12:54:36 GMT 2004

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Subject: Re:  ICECast / Shoutcast title streaming

On Friday 02 January 2004 7:32 am, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> muesli: didn't Markey tell you that the semi-working approach is your
> proxy? ;) It just didn't fit into the Noatun API at all and has bugs when
> the other side dies (i.e. listening port being kept open, very annoying),
> not to say that I'd never ever commit this for 3.2 because of both a
> feature freeze and the high probability of introducing buggy code (just
> because it works here doesn't mean it works perfectly for others too).

Ryan 'Phalynx' Cumming created a similar device, which I've never [tried] 

It did work.

rikkus said his implementation of the icecast hinting wasn't too good.

This should definitely be added to noatun, but I can't see how we could 
reasonably get it in for 3.2, aside from a plugin at noatun.k.o when we're 
more certain of it.

Maybe a distribution that puts broken stuff will include it like how Red Hat 
included a broken fork(2).

- -Charles

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