Some ideas for the aRts-replacement

Stefan Gehn sgehn at
Tue Feb 24 17:04:43 GMT 2004

On Dienstag Februar 24 2004 14:28, Koos Vriezen wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 24, 2004 at 01:00:49PM +0100, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> > Moin,
> [..]
> > about fileaccess:
> > - mp3/ogg streams over http as in icecast/shoutcast
> > - maybe a possiblity to make it use kio for file input (although kio
> > sucks because it cannot seek but that's not your problem)
> > - a possiblity to filter incoming data, that would be needed for properly
> > done shoutcast tags as they are "inside" the stream
> What do you mean by shoutcast tags, title info? Reason for asking is

I mean reading out the shoutcast tag data out of the incoming data. shoutcast 
mixes mp3 and id3-tag data and you have to filter it out if you want to 
display them (not to mention that they would result in evil blips and blops 
while playing).

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