amaroK audio-player to support NMM

Mark Kretschmann markey at
Tue Feb 24 15:20:49 GMT 2004


the amaroK development-team plans to add NMM support to their player soon. We 
are expecting that this process will be rather painless, since we have 
rewritten our audio interface recently to make it framework independent. We 
designed it specifically this way to provide a test-platform for different 
multimedia frameworks. Currently we are supporting aRts and GStreamer. Now we 
are looking forward to put NMM to a first practical test in a KDE 

While basic audio functionality will probably be implemented easily, it will 
be interesting to see how well NMM maps to amaroK's more advanced features, 
like visualizations, audio effects and crossfading. With GStreamer so far 
this proved to be more difficult than expected, unfortunately. NMM support 
was planned right from the start when we designed the new audio engine, but 
we had quite some trouble getting it compiled and installed properly in the 
first place, which slowed down the plan somewhat ;)

Hopefully NMM has matured a bit in the meantime, and we'll be able to consult 
NMM's developers a bit in case of implementation difficulties. Btw, great to 
see you on the list :)


IRC: #amarok
CVS: kdeextragear-1/amarok

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