Some ideas for the aRts-replacement

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Tue Feb 24 12:00:49 GMT 2004


On Dienstag Februar 24 2004 12:26, Marco Lohse wrote:
> Scott Wheeler wrote:
> >
> > On Saturday 21 February 2004 10:46, Marco Lohse wrote:
> [..]
> > Well, I should put that another way -- would it be considered a priority
> > with the NMM developers to make it fit to KDE's needs if we can
> > communicate the things that we need?  Of course in the end the KDE folks
> > will have to make a decision, but I think it's important to establish
> > whether KDE's goals for a tool line up with the people that are
> > maintaining it.  For example with aRts this was not the case and the
> > source of some of our problems.
> As far as I understood, you should be able to use NMM for your
> requirements without major design changes (but maybe I do not understand
> what exactly your requirements are ... or, there are different opinions
> on this list about this issue ;)
> If this is true, I am sure that other things can get fixed, either by
> you, by us or by someone "in between" KDE/NMM.
> For us, it would be good to know, what exactly "fit to KDE's needs"
> would mean, and what the KDE needs are.

Speaking just for Noatun:
- something like an engine/playobject (that's how it's called in arts) that 
you just have to give an url to play (or maybe a previously created fileinput 
object or whatever, the player shouldn't need to open files and read contents 
- some kind of "audio pipe" you can add all kinds of plugins to (think of 
equalizer or output redirection)
- an easy way to get wave data for visualizations, if possible even in a 
standard format so noatun does not have to convert between sample formats
- a way to change volume only for the stream used in noatun (can be 
implemented as a plugin to the audio pipe I mentioned)

about fileaccess:
- mp3/ogg streams over http as in icecast/shoutcast
- maybe a possiblity to make it use kio for file input (although kio sucks 
because it cannot seek but that's not your problem)
- a possiblity to filter incoming data, that would be needed for properly done 
shoutcast tags as they are "inside" the stream

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