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Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Mon Feb 23 18:02:42 GMT 2004

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On Monday 23 February 2004 15:45, Leon Shiman wrote:

> MAS is and has been under continuing development. I can speak 
> authoritatively; we are the MAS developers, maintainers of the code 
> base, the website ( www.MediaApplicationServer.net), and of the 
> public CVS, which is regularly updated. You will discover, for 
> example, recent RPM's. 

Well, but that doesn't really tell us anything about MAS or what it does or 
what it should at some point do.  At least after some browsing through the 
code it doesn't seem that it has much in the way of codec implementations at 
this point.  What are your plans there?

> We maintain a list, mas-devel at shiman.com . 

...which there have apparently been 27 posts to in the last 2 years.  ;-)

It would be more useful if there was a list where actual development 
discussions for MAS itself took place.  At the moment MAS is somewhat 
mysterious in how it's developed, how decisions are made on its development 
and what its priorities are.

To be honest, personally my largest concern with MAS is the lack of 
transparency of the project relative to other emerging media frameworks.  It 
would be great to start a dialog and get some more stuff out in the open.

> Some of the statements made on this thread have not been accurate.
> I would be glad to discuss details, the potential role(s) of MAS in 
> KDE, and how an active open developer group can be established and 
> maintained. But this thread is probably not the place to do that.

Seems to be a fine place to me.  :-)  Really one of the things that I do feel 
is that any external solution that we're considering needs to make it clear 
that they're both interested in working with KDE and willing to assign that a 
reasonable amount of priority.


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