Some ideas for the aRts-replacement

Thomas Wilczek thomas.wilczek at
Mon Feb 23 17:38:24 GMT 2004

Am Samstag 21 Februar 2004 10:55 schrieb Alexander Neundorf:

> ... just to throw it in the mix, any opinions about videolan
> ( ?

Pretty nice... if you just want to stream video over a lan. ;)  That's the 
main focus of the project, I'd say.

But then, while browsing the NMM docs, I've found this one:

In one of those conf papers written by the project members there was an 
impressive example setup (IIRC):

VOB from a DVD is demuxed into one video stream and n (language) audio 
streams. The video is shown on a central screen while the different audio 
streams a distributed over a wlan to several ipaq clients with attached 
headphones - all with a/v (lip) sync. *w00t!* ;)

The more docs I read the more I like it! 


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