KDE 4 Multimedia: The Answer

Gioele Barabucci dev at gioelebarabucci.com
Mon Feb 23 13:19:35 GMT 2004

Neil Stevens wrote:
> It seems plain to me now that in KDE 4, GStreamer on MAS is what should be
> used.
We will surely need to patch part of the code of the solution we choose.
You know, using an infrastucture intesively you discover bugs, limitations
and so on.

Most positive points are known, let's talk of the negative one.

- written in C, GLib based... I fear this combination. Look at this example
stated "how to write a simple typefinder"
- network trasparency?
- where are the benchmarks? how fat is it?

- written in C (but well written) with a simple API (too simple?)
- support only for OSS and Solaris sound devices
- where are the benchmarks? how fat is it?
- not so active development just some Imakefile adjustments; take current
CVS and try
find -type f -printf "%TY%Tm%Td  %p\n" | grep -v CVS | sort -n

- is it actively developed? someone said yes on this ml, I had not time to
check _how much_ :)
- ready for wild use (install/build/runtime issues) on all the different
UNIXes KDE supports?

My choice would be something like GStreamer done with C++/Qt :)

> Why?  GStreamer and MAS are part of the freedesktop.org effort, which KDE
> is increasingly following: http://www.freedesktop.org/Software/Home
I hope this is not the only reason :) not everything at freedesktop is
release quality (by now).


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