Some ideas for the aRts-replacement

Jorge j.windmeisser at
Fri Feb 20 01:21:35 GMT 2004

Hi all, I'm watching with great interest your discussion and since I'm 
programming a VoIP client for KDE and need sound capabilities, I've decided 
to give my 2 cents.

From a developer's view that just wants to play sound to the soundcard and 
retrieve sound from the microphone.

I would need something like:

open a soundDevice class that is valid for the whole session and the whole 

init the interface with the bitrate, depth, channels and sound format (wav, 
mulaw, alaw, etc...)

read and write from/to the interface triggered with signals

something like a socket, but in this case it references the soundcard

setting the volume, play files, etc...

And the most important thing, a good documentation...

aRts is poorly documented, with the exception of the C API, and it only 
understands WAV, since I have to read from the ISDN card and it only delivers 
muLaw or aLaw I have to convert, re-convert, back-convert, up-convert...

a nightmare

Greets Jorge Windmeisser

6354 Vitznau

Switzerland or

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