Some ideas for the aRts-replacement

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Thu Feb 19 18:19:11 GMT 2004

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On Thursday 19 February 2004 18:42, Arnold Krille wrote:

> - A simple sound-interface apps can use for notifications/simple_playback 
> like "Soundserver play this file" and some checking wether it succeded or 
> not...

Again, going on this nomenclature -- to my knowledge aRts is the only sound 
server that does decoding.  MAS may do that too, not really sure.  But most 
"sound servers" are basically just a system for mixing stuff and forwarding 
it to the hardware.  I think that's what Guillaume and Alex are arguing 
against -- when that's all the soundserver does there are cases where you 
don't need one.

> - Some kind of "Sound System" which is the layer between apps wanting sounds 
> played back or data streamed to whatever sound-server or hardware the user 
> is using. This one should check/know wether the sound-server is able to 
> decode and if not decode inprogress. Perhaps some kind of mixing can also be 
> done for raw-streams.

Again, sound servers don't usually decode stuff, and what the guys on 
core-devel were suggesting was something that handles the decoding...

Just for a little bit of background -- at least for GNOME GStreamer will be 
that layer (and I'm interested in other similar frameworks as well...).  It 
handles encoding, decoding and effects (which to an extent are needed -- 
think volume, video brightness, etc.)  If we decide to add something KDE 
specific to do that I just feel like we're getting back into something that 
will be both incomplete and likely poorly maintained.  But hopefully we'll 
hash some of that stuff out shortly...

> - A lib for synthesis (libkdesynth?)

Not really interested myself, but sure, fine go for it.  Just decouple it from 
the simpler parts.

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