Disabling aRts in knotify

Arnold Krille kde at arnoldarts.de
Mon Feb 16 22:04:48 GMT 2004

Hi all,

after getting a lot of rumors about knotify starting aRts if if aRts was 
disabled in KControl (Section "Sound system") I investigated a bit:

As it seems KNotify doesn't respect the setting in "Sound system". So I added 
another checkbox to the advanced playersettings to disable aRts. I didn't 
test wether aRts still gets started or not so far (I didn't want to stop my 
music :-) ) but It doesn't try to play sounds or connect to aRts anymore if 
told so.
This would be a short time solution with the possibility for backporting imho. 
But: It adds one completly new string ("Use the aRts sound system") and the 
name of the kcontrol-module for arts should be replaced since it isn't for 
all sound system but for aRts only and that one leads to obscurities for most 

A long time solution I have in mind is: Make knotify's sound-abilities 
independent of aRts not just by providing an external player command but by 
implementing native playingcapabilities for Alsa, Jack, (esd, nas,etc) if 
that is easily implementable or (otherwise) provide "default player commands" 
for some other sound systems.

An even longer time solution (kde4) whould be a completly new soundsystem 
which is only a layer between kde and the actual sound-server or driver...

Attached is a patch for the short solution...

What do you guys (and girls) out there think about these three (or possibly) 
more solutions?

Please note: I don't want to start a discussion about advantages and 
disadvantages of various sound systems. This has been discussed enough and we 
don't find a good solution fast enough... [1]

And maybe someone could give me an "okay to commit" or "don't commit" for my 


PS: The crossposting to kde-multimedia is intended...

[1] I you feel like discussing sound systems in general please let it happen 
on kde-multimedia...

Get my public-key from pgp.mit.edu or pgp.uni-mainz.de
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