[Bug 74972] noatun does not play any sound on Linux/AMD64

Rafael J.Wysocki rjwysocki at sisk.pl
Thu Feb 12 09:33:24 GMT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From rjwysocki at sisk.pl  2004-02-12 10:33 -------
This only means that there's a problem with aRTs, because this is exactly what happens (I would not report any problem that did not really occur, you know :-)).  Moreover, I have reported this with the Fodora Core 1 bugzilla and it seems that some people confirm it.

I think that the problem is somehow related to the volume control in both noatun and juk that seems to be independent of the mixer volume control and which kaboodle does not seem to have.  Moreover, if you configure XMMS to play through aRTs, the sound is audible, but the XMMS volume control is apparently coupled to (one of) the mixer volume contol slider(s) (well, on my system this does not work for KDE3.2, probably because the aRTs driver in SuSE 9.0 XMMS is incompatible with the aRTs 1.5).

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