[Bug 75008] noatun adds 31 spaces after text fields in id3v2 tags

Stefan Gehn mETz81 at web.de
Wed Feb 11 21:17:41 GMT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From mETz81 at web.de  2004-02-11 22:17 -------
> KDE 3.2's noatun adds 31 spaces after any text fields in those mp3.files
> that are tagged with a id3v2 tag. mp3s only tagged with an id3v1 tag, ogg
> files etc. are not affected
I think it's exactly the other way round. Only id3v1 tags should be affected because many tag writers fill up the tag with spaces instead of null-bytes (null-bytes is what the tag documentation says should be used).
id3v2 tags work differently and have variable sized fields and thus cannot show such a problem.

Btw, I know how and where to fix the bug but I would like to wait for another comment by Scott Wheeler first as he is the master of taglib and knows more of id3 tags than I do :)

off-topic part:
> Don't give up on noatun - and contact Stefan Gehn whether he would like to 
> integrate his FlexPlaylist with noatun, it's pretty good.
It's meant to be external to Noatun so I can do releases more often :)
Also it kind of duplicates the default splitplaylist.

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