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Felix Berger bflat1 at
Mon Dec 27 16:14:50 GMT 2004


I'm in the process of writing a normalization plugin for Noatun.

The plugin reads the relative volume adjustment from the currently played 
file, either from the id3v2 tags or from the playlist, or it computes it by 
calling the external programs normalize 
( or vorbisgain 
( depending on the item's mimetype.

The retrieved value is passed to an Arts::Effect called Noatun::Normalize 
which applies the gain adjustments to the samples.

I've attached the patch and files which would have to be added to noatunarts 
to make this approach work. I would like to know if there is any chance of 
getting this into post-3.4 as long as arts is still the choice of backend.

The plugin part can be found at:

There is no release yet, it's cvs only.

Unfortunately there are quite a few projects which would have to accept my 
patches to make it releasable, right now I'm using patched versions of 
vorbisgain and taglib.

In taglib for example the bug would 
have to be closed to allow reading the RVA2 tag from mp3 files.

I also patched vorbisgain to allow storing of gain information in the playlist 
and I'm waiting for normalize's next release which will support vorbis files.

One could also strive for ReplayGain support, the website describes normalization in media players and proposes 
a "standard".

Looking forward to your feedback,
Felix Berger

Use Debian GNU/Linux!
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