Sound plays on remote graphical login

Michael Donaghy replies at
Thu Dec 16 12:41:42 GMT 2004

On Thu Dec 16  9:25 , Christian Esken <c.esken at> sent:

>Am Dienstag 14 Dezember 2004 21:50 schrieb Robert S:
>> I am running kde-3.3.1,  gentoo, udev on an amd64 machine.  Gentoo uses pam 
>> and I have disabled changes in permissions to the  devices.  I have 
>> set permissions on /dev/sound* to 660, root:audio to allow problem-free 
>> sound.  All is fine except that sound now plays when I do a remote graphical 
>> login (using "vncserver") - the sound now plays on my gentoo server.
>> Is there a way of temporarily disabling sound (ie arts server) for a remote 
>> login session from the command line?  This command could be added to 
>> .vnc/xstartup.
>I don't know a clean way, but a hack could be to use "killall artsd"
If you're going to do something like that, I think you'll need to do artsd -a null afterwards.

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