aRts maintenance

Christian Esken c.esken at
Mon Dec 13 22:30:52 GMT 2004

Am Donnerstag 02 Dezember 2004 16:10 schrieb Stefan Westerfeld:
>    Hi!
> If you looked closely at my latest aRts commits, you probably already saw that
> I almost didn't work on it lately. I thought quite a bit about this - as it is
> hard to definitely stop coding on a long term project - but I came to the
> conclusion that I will no longer work on it. I think its better to definitely
> draw the line here, so that a new maintainer can be found and/or plans on how
> to proceed without aRts for KDE can be made and implemented.

Hi Stefan,

thanks for all your work on arts. You helped KDE when I needed to drop out of kdemultimedia due to work
related issues. You know I supported the idea of getting arts in KDE, and I am still convinced it was the right
thing to do at that point of time.
I know there was much work involved, and most of the work was yours - it sure wasn't fun all the time.

I don't know how kdemultimedia will evolve until KDE4.
Well, this is not completely true any more - Akademy has helped me a lot in making up my own mind:
While going to Akademy completely uncertain, and leaving Akademy confused, I now have an idea what role
KDE should play in the Unix/Linux MM world (no, I am not keen on starting a discussion on that now :). 

Hope to see you some time again.


PS: If you feel like it, code a nice Linux MM app. Just keep in mind: Do it for your own fun

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