aRts maintenance

Michael Donaghy mdonaghy at
Thu Dec 9 17:01:17 GMT 2004

On Thursday 09 Dec 2004 08:54, Marco Lohse wrote:
> Michael Donaghy wrote:
> > I think gstreamer looks like it's taking the lead. The gnome people seem
> > to be more or less behind it, and if arts is unmaintained as looks like
> > will be the case then you'll probably have to drop support eventually.
> > Any chance of
> I am really tired of hearing that some framework is 'taking the lead' or
> 'is the standard'. What is this actually supposed to mean?

Merely that I've seen so many more people saying that they like/are using 
gstreamer than for any other framework.
> > or something similar endorsing one method or other? I
> > think the benefits of everyone using the same framework are probably
> > greater than the benefits any particular system has over another.
> what makes you think so? Have you compared the different frameworks in
> detail?
No, just played around a little. However, the fact that no framework seems to 
have emerged as clearly better and that I haven't seen any clear arguments 
that one framework has a strong advantage to me over the others suggests to 
me that they're pretty much of a muchness. But maybe I haven't been looking 
hard enough.

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