offer for a Linux/KDE multimedia meeting @ the Netherlands

Fabrice Mous fabrice at
Thu Dec 9 14:42:30 GMT 2004

Hi all, 

Yesterday we had a nice event here in the Netherlands called NovellCongres 
[1]. We talked to several people here about several things and one of the 
topics was multimedia on the Linux desktop. 

There is some (community) interest in hosting a Linux multimedia event in the 
Netherlands (or Germany). I leave it up to the people from the KDE-MM team if 
there is a need for such a meeting. If so please don't hesistate to contact 
me (us). 

As for a reasonable budget it depends on some factors. For now I can say we 
can facilitate for at least the location, internet and food. The rest depends 
on sponsors (which is possible I think).

Kind regards, 

Fabrice Mous
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