aRts maintenance

Michael Donaghy mdonaghy at
Wed Dec 8 21:30:02 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 07 Dec 2004 21:59, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> > That leaves Noatun, and yes, you will have to figure out how you want to
> > solve things for Noatun.
> It will go the same way amarok went and provide the same hassle to end
> users because there's nothing else I can think of (I certainly won't drop
> arts support and stick to gstreamer, especially because no backend has
> gained a kind of leadership so far).
I think gstreamer looks like it's taking the lead. The gnome people seem to be 
more or less behind it, and if arts is unmaintained as looks like will be the 
case then you'll probably have to drop support eventually. Any chance of or something similar endorsing one method or other? I think 
the benefits of everyone using the same framework are probably greater than 
the benefits any particular system has over another.

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