[PATCH] mediacontrol - add support for KsCD

MichaƂ Startek michal.startek at op.pl
Sun Dec 5 17:18:06 GMT 2004


I've written patch that implements support for KsCD in mediacontrol Kicker 
applet from kdeaddons. I hope that this is the correct place to send it (as 
there is no kde-addons mailing list, and kde-multimedia seems to be most 
closely related to this applet). If not, please tell me where I should send 

The patch is larger than 10KB (though only slightly ;) ), so I've placed it 


Please try to review this patch before commiting, to make sure I've not 
commited some obvious mistakes (though everything seems to work correctly 

For the slider to work correctly you will need today's CVS version of KsCD.

Okay, the formalities:

* Implement support for KsCD in mediacontrol Kicker applet from kdeaddons

Applying the patch:
In kdeaddons directory perform the following command:
cat mediacontrol-patch.diff | patch -p1

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