[PATCH] KsCD - three new DCOP calls

MichaƂ Startek michal.startek at op.pl
Sat Dec 4 21:27:04 GMT 2004


I've included a patch that implements three new DCOP calls in KsCD.
Those are needed to implement support for KsCD in media-control Kicker applet 
from kdeaddons (which is what I'm currently trying to do).

Okay, now the formalities:

* Implement the following DCOP calls in KsCD:
  - int currentTrackLength()
       returns the total length of the track currently being played, in
       seconds, or -1 if no track is being played
 - int currentPosition()
       returns the current position in the track, or -1 if no track is being 
 - int getStatus()
       exports to DCOP applications status code of KsCD, as returned by 

Applying the patch:
In the kdemultimedia directory perform the following command:
     cat kscd-dcop-patch.diff | patch -p1

By the way, please be kind if I've done anything exceptionally silly, this is 
my first patch ;)

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