[Bug 59922] aRtsd crashing on certain files

Iv�n S�nchez Ortega ivansanchez at wanadoo.es
Thu Dec 2 23:41:36 GMT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From ivansanchez wanadoo es  2004-12-03 00:41 -------
A fecha Jueves, 2 de Diciembre de 2004 03:56, Allan Sandfeld escribió algo así 
> Go into the konsole, kill the old artsd, and a start a new with "artsd
> -l0". Then try to play some of the problem files, and report the output of
> artsd here.

As you wish... 
Running "artsplay /whatever/whatever/whatever.ogg" makes artsd -l0 output the 

UnixManager: got notifyIO
socketconnection created, fd = 9
search playobject, extension = ogg
creating Arts::GSLPlayObject to play file /whatever/whatever/whatever.ogg
GSLPlayObject: loadMedia('/whatever/whatever/whatever.ogg')
open()ing datahandle (open_count before: 0)..
open()ing datahandle (open_count before: 1)..
DataHandlePlay_impl: clone()ing myself
wanna have cache with padding 8 for each of 2 channels..
DataHandlePlay_impl: open()ing gsl_wave_chunk

After that, artsd just sits there, sucking 100% cpu (and has to be killed 

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