[K3b] [PATCH] defect dvd copy problems V0.2 with GUI support

Sebastian Trueg trueg at k3b.org
Wed Dec 1 22:08:31 GMT 2004

Hi Tom,

thanks again for your idea. I implemented it a bit different becasue k3bdevice 
is not the right place for this code. I put it into the datatrackreader for 
now. The error recovery mode is set once for every track and reset at the end 
(like readcd does it for cloning cds). Error handling is disabled with the 
"No correction" checkbox. 
I also use 0x21 instead of your 0x10 because it seems like the proper way to 
disable error recovery (MMC4)

I did not yet commit it but since I don't have an unreadable cd it would be 
cool if I could come back to you for testing.


On Monday 06 September 2004 04:15, Thomas Schorpp wrote:
> second patch set with gui support.
> apply within my dir structure or correct diff headers, pls.
> drive media hw error correction is toggled by checkbox "ignore read
> errors" now (for dvd read10 cmd only at this time).
> dont know if the reader is reset after using, apply hdparm -w /dev/(dvd)
>    to be sure before copying data discs again.
> y
> tom
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