[Bug 65118] speed adjustment is not kept at song change

Bugs Kde Org bugs.kde.org at tange.dk
Sun Sep 28 23:14:05 BST 2003

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Actually the speed is also resat if the next song turns out to be the same. So 
even by your definition the feature is broken. 
When you claim something else may be wrong than I do not believe you have 
expierenced the true power of this speedup feature. You may want to try 
listening to an audio book where each chapter is in a separate file. If the 
narrator is very slow this will be annoying and you may want to adjust the 
speed. If you are relaxing while listening to the book you may want 120% speed, 
but if you are concentrating on the listening then you can probably go to 170% 
speed and still understand the speech. 
Wether you choose 120% or 170% you will want the speedup to remain the same 
until you change it. It will not make sense to reset it between chapters as the 
narrator is also slow in the next chapter. 
For music you may be surprised that some tracks totally changes charactaristics 
when played faster or slower. One of my trance tracks becomes ambient when 
played at 50% speed. When I am in trance mood I want the track to be played at 
100% speed - every time. And when I am in ambient mood I want the track to be 
played at 50% speed - and not resat at song end.

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