[Noatun] templates for kdevelop

Dominik Haumann dhdev at gmx.de
Tue Sep 16 17:02:58 BST 2003

Hi, please CC me 'cause I am not subscribed to the list!

I added a visualization plugin template for noatun to kdevelop CVS.
Bug/Wish http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22294 asks for a
UI, visualization and playlist template.

Well - UIs can be very special so which existing UI shall I use to create
one? We don't want to have a lot of copies of "Excellent"... I took a look
at Milk-Chocolate and it seems to be very simple so that the user is able
to change things...

A playlist can be very special, too! We only have 1 playlist and I'm not
sure if it's a good idea to make a template out of it. Is there something
that is easier to #1 understand and #2 to change so that 3rd person are
able to code what /they/ want?

Visualizations maybe special, too. I simply took Blurscope and made a
template out of it. It would be nice if you have a look at it and tell me
what you think. Maybe there are some things to improve/make easier.

Dominik Haumann,
dhaumann | #kdevelop

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