[Bug 47393] noatun crashes on startup if fails to find a plugin

Eray Ozkural erayo at bilkent.edu.tr
Sat May 24 15:00:32 BST 2003

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------- Additional Comments From erayo at bilkent.edu.tr  2003-05-24 16:00 -------
You think you fixed it Njaard ;) 
I still see this bug. I didn't verify if it is the case with every plugin but it looks like that. 
The fix should probably be a little involved: 
  1) If a plugin cannot be found in playlist or GUI category a default plugin must be 
    1a) Failing that, any plugin in that category should be sought. 
   2) Failing to find a proper plugin a suitable error message should be produced 
     2a) If it is a _vital_ plugin then an appropriate error message should be produced 
and the program should quit 
     2b) If it isn't a vital plugin the program should report this incident (plugin X not 
found) and commence operation. 
Greetings to all noatun hackers who are willing to fix this (^_^) 
More detailed information following soon. Ouch. mETz claims there is in fact a fallback 
to split playlist for playlist plugins. I must investigate!

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