problem building kdemultimedia-3.1.2

Oliver Bausinger bausi at
Wed May 21 20:27:25 BST 2003

On Wednesday 21 May 2003 20:47, Chris Clayton wrote:

> If there is unlikely to be a fix soon, I would be grateful for advice on
> how I can get the build system to ignore kaudiocreator, so that I can at
> least build the rest of kdemultimedia. I've had a hack at the various
> config.* and subdirs files but I'm way off understanding the build system
> so I've had no success.

you can  
$ export DO_NOT_COMPILE="kaudiocreator" 
before ./configure or simply remove remove kaudiocreator from the
TOPSUBDIRS variable in the top level makefile (although that will not be kept)


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