noteedit-2.1.2(ritardando, pedal marks)

Joerg Anders j.anders at
Wed May 14 21:22:16 BST 2003

Version 2.1.2 of the musical score editor NoteEdit is available:

New features:

	- ritardando
	- accelerando

	   o to create a audible ritardando (accelerando) simply
	     place the ritardando (accelerando) between two
	     different tempo signatures. NoteEdit assumes the ritardando (accelerando)
	     begins at left tempo signature and ends at right tempo signature

	- piano pedal marks

	   o TiMidity++ users! NoteEdit uses the MIDI PEDAL COMMANDS to play
	     the pedal on/off signs. Unfortunately, TiMidity++ treats these
	     commands wrong. Therefore, if you are a TiMidity++ user, it is
	     recommended to avoid the MIDI PEDAL COMMANDS during replay
	     (see "configuration section"). Unfortunately, the
	     pedal on/off signs have no effect in this case :-(

J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (ja at

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