bug in cddb discid calculation ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sun May 11 22:52:45 BST 2003


it seems to me that there is a bug or strange feature in cddb.cpp 
I filled list with the following values:
150, 16804, 33636, 48684, 64809, 80850, 100138, 116054, 134160, 149393, 
163605, 180041, 198248, 217393, 232278, 0, 249249

With 150 tp 232278 the start frames of Clawfinger "Whole lot of nothing".
>From the examples in the test directory of libkcddb I found appended to this 
list a "disc start" and a "disc end". "Disc end" seems to be the start frame 
of the leadout track, but "disc start" uses very small values (5 or 10 in the 
examples), I didn't find out what this should be and used simply 0 (as you 
see in my list of numbers).
Now, the algorithm generates "e70cfb0f" instead of "e70cf90f", what would be 
correct (according to the returned cddb entry and to cd-discid and discid 
linked from www.freedb.org).
The reason seems to be line 67:

    unsigned int l = (list[numTracks + 1] + 1) / 75;
    l -= list[numTracks] / 75;

I changed it to 
    l -= list[0] / 75;

and now it works.

list[numTracks] is this strange "disc start" value, list[0] is the start frame 
of the first track.
I think the code should be changed to not include this useless (?) "disc 
start" in the list and use the start frame of the first track instead.

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