[Bug 58044] Noatun should be more task and not plugin-oriented

Beat Fasel beat_fasel at yahoo.com
Mon May 5 03:00:43 BST 2003

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------- Additional Comments From beat_fasel at yahoo.com  2003-05-05 04:00 -------
> Somebody wanted the systemtray-icon (named "young hickory" in noatun) to be  
> an Interface-Plugin as well. That way you cannot have both a mainwindow and a  
> systray icon anymore.  
> What do you think now? I have no solution to this. 
Oups. I had a look at this bug report, well, sounds like a tempting idea for systems with low 
resources. When clicking on young hickory, you can make the main window disappear already. Well, 
I guess that the allocated memory resources are still used in the background, but at least CPU 
consumption should be down like this. Would it not be possible to get rid of the memory consuming 
resources while the main interface is minimized and reload the main interface if one clicks young 
hickory? Well, I don't know anything about the implementation, would be however unfortunate if 
because of this one would have to void the idea of having only one interface active at the time.  
But you know what, maybe one could allow for more than one interface active at a time (like is 
implemented now) but only for young hickory-style interfaces as for most people people, this kind 
of dualism is probably not disturbing. However, a full-blown winamp and a kjofol window avtive at 
the same time I find disturbing. What do you think? 

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