FlexPlaylist 0.2 released

Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Sun May 4 21:38:36 BST 2003


In case somebody on this list does not know yet, I'm (slowly) working on a 
much more configurable playlist based on SplitPlaylist.

Planned Features (Not all of them already exist, the working ones are marked 
with an X):
X choose own Font and Font Size instead of KDE-defaults
X optionally can hide menubar, list-header, statusbar and toolbar to save 
X uses a toolbar-windowborder giving a much smaller border (depends on the 
Windowmanager being used)
X optional show icon in first column
- context-sensitive menu (also known as rightclick popupmenu) for common 
X use extended m3u playlistformat as native format instead of slower xml 
(it'll still be able to load xml-playlists), this requires Noatun 2.3.2 or 
newer (can be found in KDE CVS)
X Statusbar showing playtime of currently played title and overall playlist 
X Optional show some play controls in the statusbar
- dockmode, user chooses the window to dock to
- configurable keyboard-shortcuts for most actions (next thing I'll add)
- use alternating colors in listview (as seen in kmail and other 

FlexPlaylist can be found at http://metz.gehn.net or, for the ones who really 
dislike looking at websites 

Let's see if anybody likes this one :)

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
sgehn_AT_gmx.net | ICQ#51123152 | Moege der Pinguin mit euch sein

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