[Bug 58044] Noatun should be more task and not plugin-oriented

sgehn at gmx.net sgehn at gmx.net
Sun May 4 16:58:08 BST 2003

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Subject: Re:  Noatun should be more task and not plugin-oriented


On Sunday May 4 2003 17:01, Beat Fasel wrote:
> Ok, why am I not completely happy then? Well, there are problems I
> encountered with Noatun reported in wishilist bug 58042: one interface at a
> time

This can of course be done but contradicts with another wishlist entry. 
Somebody wanted the systemtray-icon (named "young hickory" in noatun) to be 
an Interface-Plugin as well. That way you cannot have both a mainwindow and a 
systray icon anymore.
What do you think now? I have no solution to this.

> , 58026: Visualization plugins should be more accessible, 

I've created a patch and posted it to kde-multimedia mailinglist, no replies 

> Winamp/K-Jofol skins should be available not only for the main application
> but also for the playlist and the equalizer (wishlist bug 34380) and

Somebody has to write a playlist plugin for that and you will never see one 
for KJöfol because its Playlist is broken by design (fixed sized playlist 
windows are unusable).

> finally the plugin orientation instead of task orientation of Noatun from
> the user's perspective  reported in wishlist bug 58044.

I did not understand that one, sorry.

> Exactly! However, the playlist and the equalizer are not skinable (winamp
> or k-jofol skins), that's the problem (see also further below).

KJöfol in CVS has Equalizer support, i.e. you don't need to open that window 

> Sure, but you cannot do e.g. button reording like is possible with skins.

I can even write that with normal KDE-widgets but I don't want to :)

> >> I don't agree here, better allow for full skinnability or none.
> >> Currently,
> > > it feels like a half-way finished interface when using skins.
> >
> > Write a plugin which has the skinnability you want!
> Ah, you missunderstood me. I'm perfectly happy with the Winamp skins
> available. What I proposed is the possibilty to have a skinable playlist
> and equalizer, thus a full XMMS/Winamp replacement.

Still somebody needs to write that code and it's not me (I don't like winamp2 

> (1) Compactness: If you want to have the main application (Noatun), the
> Noatun playlist and the Noatun equalizer open at the same time, they cosume
> too much space (especilly the equalizer window being huge). This is
> different with Winamp skins.

Also the Winamp Equalizer is unusable because the sliders are way too small 
and don't allow a user-selected number of bands (the new Noatun Equalizer in 
CVS allows 2-14 bands).

If you want a smaller playlist maybe try out my FlexPlaylist at 
I just have to make it compile with KDE 3.1 again to make a new release which 
lets you turn on/off menubar, toolbar and statusbar. Together with the small 
window-border and the hidden listview-header it's already more compact than 
splitplaylist for instance.

> (2) Window interconnection: The default noatun, playlist and equalizer
> windows are not interconnected. If you would like to move noatun on the
> desktop to make space for another app, you have to move three windows
> therefore. Not very handy. With XMMS, you move one window (the equalizer
> and the playlist stick to the main window).

Hard to do in such a flexible environment, I cannot think of a safe way for 
determining the windowId of a certain Noatun window.

> However, I would love to use Notatun insead of XMMS! Better integration
> into the KDE environment, better look (AA fonts, XMMS being still a Gnome
> or gtk1 app) and supposedly better sound quality (due to using newer

gtk1, it's not a gnome app.

> decoding libraries, I'm not sure about this however).

Depends, broken files still sound best with winamp2, mpeglib happens to add 
click and pop sounds.

Bye, Stefan aka mETz

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