[Bug 34380] Noatun Playlist Skinning and Integration

Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Sun May 4 13:55:16 BST 2003


On Sunday May 4 2003 14:40, Carsten Pfeiffer wrote:
> On Sunday 04 May 2003 11:44, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> > Any idea where the buffering takes place so I can alter it? cvs up
> > kdebase kills my sound regularly if the file comes from the same hdd :)
> See mpeglib/lib/decoder/splayPlugin.cpp, INPUTBUFFER_SIZE and
> mpeglib_artsplug/splayPlayObject_impl.cpp, INPUT_SIZE. I think those are
> the relevant ones for mp3 playing.

Thanks, will have a look at this, maybe they can improve my cvs up situation 

> > > > mpg123: 5% (37 votes)
> >
> > has no ui and by default skips like hell on any emu10k1 soundcard (i.e.
> > it's crap).
> I have an audigy (using the emu10k1 driver, not alsa) and it works like a
> charm (i.e. less skipping than noatun and I don't even turn on buffering
> with the -b switch.

Well, on my sb live 1024 player it skips without that -b

I wouldn't use a console app for playing files anyway :)

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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