[Bug 58044] Noatun should be more task and not plugin-oriented

Beat Fasel beat_fasel at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 01:32:56 BST 2003

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Eray Ozkural wrote: 
> please note that we do appreciate suggestions for concrete improvements!! 
Neil Stevens wrote: 
> Of course, and the give and take of debate is the way to find which  
> improvements to use! 
> Yes, there are better and wosre interfaces. The approach to UI taken by   
>  the default Noatun plugins is the superior route of attempting to follow   
>  KDE UI standards.   
> This should lead to Noatun looking and acting like   
> other KDE applications. That is the path to the greatest usability.  
This is generally true. However, mediaplayers are maybe an exception to this. It's interesting why it 
is like that, maybe because listening to music, watching films stimulates arts in people? Pun intended 
:-) And if people like it, why not? It's a matter of taste and people know what they are most 
comfortable with. Many might go with the default interface, but many would also like it different. 
More choice for the user and if presented coherently, the better, no? 
> If you don't like how Noatun looks, reconfigure your KDE. If you think  
Well, you have only limited possibities of how to influence the look via KDE.  
> Noatun looks inconsistent, stick to plugins that try to follow KDE UI   
> standards.  
I don't agree here, better allow for full skinnability or none. Currently, it feels like a half-way finished  
interface when using skins.  

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