[Bug 58044] Noatun should be more task and not plugin-oriented

Eray Ozkural erayo at bilkent.edu.tr
Sun May 4 00:05:28 BST 2003

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------- Additional Comments From erayo at bilkent.edu.tr  2003-05-04 01:05 -------
Please don't change anything before extensive discussion on kde-multimedia. 
Remember this is wishlist. 
IMO, this bug ignores the fact that noatun is *not* just an audio player. And must I 
explicitly mention that imitating MS style bloatware is out of question? 
OTOH, plugins are task oriented. I think the reporter is contradicting himself a little. 
That's exactly why there is such a thing as plugin: each plugin adds a different function 
to the program. 
The reporter writes: 
>Interface plugins, playlist plugins visualization plugins and other plugins are all 
>grouped together in the preferences. However, all these plugins are not very much 
>related with each other and can lead to confusion for a user which is not _used_ to 
the program.  
As you can see this is complete non-sense. 
All he's saying is "I'm not used to this interface so I want my winamp interface" 
If one wants better interfaces to choosing among visualizations or UIs or else that is 
doable without breaking plugin logic. There is no fundamental mistake about 
categorization of plugins or the way they are represented in the preferences.

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