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On Wednesday June 04, 2003 03:43, muhammad masood wrote:
> Respected,
> Sorry I did not write my email address in previous mail. My mail address
> is
> mushhuud at
> For those who had not seen my previous mail I am retyping my request.
> Please reply me as quickly as possible.
> I want to work on multimedia programming in linux. My work is to display
> a video file through my application (movie player for KDE). But I am
> novoice in multimedia programming. Please tell me which tool I should
> preferaby use. Currently I have Kdevelop 2.1 as I am using Red Hat linux
> 7.3. Please send me some kind of helping material like any tutorial,
> Multimedia library. I will be very thankful to you for this act of
> kindness.

First off, basic KDE library docs are available at

As for media, what you should read depends on what exactly you want to 
write.  Do you want to write another player?  A decoder for the existing 
players?  Would what you want serve well as a Noatun plugin?

Some docs are linked from

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