[Bug 58721] long logout sounds do not play all the way through

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at kde.org
Tue Jun 3 14:41:37 BST 2003

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         AssignedTo|ettrich at kde.org             |kde-multimedia at kde.org
          Component|general                     |knotify
            Product|ksmserver                   |arts

------- Additional Comments From l.lunak at kde.org  2003-06-03 15:41 -------
Arts developers: Please provide a way for ksmserver to find out when event started by 
KNotifyClient::event() has finished. I don't see anything like that in knotify DCOP interface, and 
I don't know any other way how to make ksmserver wait during logout until knotify finishes. 
Reassign back to ksmserver when done.

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