MusicMan: New Release 0.8.2

Avi avi at
Sat Jul 26 13:03:18 BST 2003

There is a new MusicMan release available: 0.8.2

MusicMan is a Konqueror plugin that lets you:

. Standarize the filenames of your music files.
. Guess info and set ID3 tags from the file's name. Can be done to
several files in one shot.
. Rename _ to space and vice-versa.
. Create HTML and Text indexes of your collections, including total
playing time etc. 100% cofigurable thru templates.
. Create nice CD cover with nice full listing of your music files. 100%
configurable thru templates.
. Organize your music collection to create a CD.

Download RPM, source, screenshots and more info at

For who already know this project, here is the changelog for this
0.8.2 25/Jul/2003
- Worked on installation. Now templates and musicman.desktop are
- Switched scandir to QDir with patch provided by Adriaan de Groot
- Added application/x-ogg to musicman.desktop, but tagging still not
working because kfile_ogg sucks
- Added audio/wav to musicman.desktop
- Moved all menu items inside one "Music Manager" option
- Included a brazilian protuguese HTML template
- Real generic support for KOffice and OpenOffice cover templates
- First release with RPM spec file for Red Hat 8.0. Need other distros

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