Patch: make kmix dockapplet reflect changes caused by dcop commands

Anders Lund anders.lund at
Thu Jul 24 20:38:49 BST 2003

while experimenting with controlling kmix using dcop, I noticed that changing 
the volume or muting the mixer didn't cause the tray icon to be updated.

The enclosed patch adds a signal to the mixer, emitted when volume or mute 
state changes in a device, and makes the dockwidget use that signal.

In the principle, more parts of KMix could use the singnal - like the panel 
applet and the deviceWidget itself, as well as the signal could be enhanced 
to tell what property had changed.

Id like to know if you think this should be comitted, and if you have 
comments/suggestions i could apply to make the patch acceptable.


Jabber: anders_lund at
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