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Sun Jul 20 18:11:38 BST 2003


On Sonntag Juli 20 2003 06:40, Charles Samuels wrote:
> On Saturday 21 June 2003 2:32, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> > CVS commit by metz:
> >
> > get rid of old unthemed icons; use noatun icon + normal player icons as
> > overlay to form a systray icon
> George Staikos and I agree that the new icon is not as the old one.  We
> both think that maybe you should revert the change.

I don't think so and after committing this I also got positive replies on irc.

> I do like the "Qwertz" classic noatun icon (the current one goes way back
> to the day of Kaiman).  That's the same icon used previously in Young
> Hickory.

Then find a better icon for Noatun. Applications should always use their 
application-icon in a systray, otherwise it's not clear what a certain 
systray item is for.

Also the old icons were really ugly, I guess because they originate from kde 
1.x times (why else should one use monochrome icons?).

If you really want the old icon back you have to seperate the overlays from 
the base icon and install these (and change filenames in the sources of 

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