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Avi avi at
Thu Jul 10 21:28:46 BST 2003

> o i had to add stdlib.h and math.h musicman/musicindexgenerator.cpp to
> get it to compile (SuSe 8.2)

Strage..... Pretty straight forward in Red Hat.....

> o i notice you are using scandir and friends. any reason you aren't using 
> KDirLister (or even QDir) to accomplish this? would likely clean up the
> code a bit and make it more robust

I tried to be the most high level as possible, but the KDirLister design
is too much signal-slot based and the code would become splited and ugly.
In some situations, KDirLister didn't gave me the functionality I needed.
I only used scandir when it was realy realy the last thing to do.

> o the dialogs are QDialog subclasses using Qt Designer UI layouts. this
> causes things like non-standard button layouts. instead the layouts should be 
> subclasses of QWidget, and musicman should use KDialogBase to show those 
> widgets.

I tried that hard also, but I never understood how KDialogBase works, and
how to integrate it with QtDesigner.
I missed some code-versus-screenshots in the documentation, plus
KDialog-QTDesigner-howto integration.

> o I agree with Christian that the items should go in a submenu.

Will work on this.

> o the musicman.desktop file needs be instaled in $KDEDIR/share/services/

I didn't worked in the installation part. I'm not very experienced with
autoconf/automake. Expect some contributions here.

> this also show a problem with the new Actions submenu: it doesn't put 
> konqpopupplugins in there .. oops! i'll fix this shortly...

Yeah..... I would like to have some Musicman actions in the "Tools" menu
also, but looks like this is a completelly different kind of plugin,
based on KXMLGUIClient.

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