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Tue Jul 1 01:11:45 BST 2003

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CC'ing kdemultimedia on this... we're discussing the Sound System KCM on 
kde-usability, so...

On Monday 30 June 2003 05:34, Henrique Pinto wrote:
> Not really good design, but illustrates what I think might be in.
> Suggestions welcome.

my only suggestion right now would be to whip up a UI file in designer so we 
have something to play with. ascii art is not nearly as expressive or 

> Enable network transparency:
> 	Do people visit the kcm routinely to modify this? I've asked some people,
> and they don't even know what "network transparency" is. Definately a
> candidate for being moved...

IIRC the reason this was added was because people who DO use KDE remotely 
couldn't figure out how to do it manually. so it was merged into the UI. i 
used to get questions about this on IRC fairly regularly before its 
inclusion. i'd say it needs to stay somewhere easy to find, whether or not 
that means on the front tab.....

better wording would be welcome, though. "Enable remote network access" or 
some such.

> Exchange security and reference info over the X11 server:
> 	If people don't know what "network transparency" is, shoud we expect then
> to understand this?

i think this is a great "enable it by default, move it somewhere else" option 
since the two times you use it (when using network transparency or XWindow) 
coer probably 99% of usage

> Run soundserver with realtime priority:
> 	I know what "realtime priority" means. You know what "realtime priority"
> means. But do people who only use the computer for reading mail and
> browsing the net know that? This is another option that falls under the
> category of "Advanced Settings".

nope, they probably don't... another candidate for better wording...

> Autosuspend if idle for... :
> 	Couldn't this be guessed? Is there really need for such a thing?

i don't know...the maintainer(s) / people on kdemultimedia may be able to shed 
some light on this ...

> Display messages using... :
> 	The same as above.
> Message display:
> 	This looks like a "debug"-like option. I don't thing there is need for
> such a thing. (Yes, I know users should be warned on error, but would
> anyone, besides developers, want debug messages?)

yes, this really doesn't belong here IMHO.

> Test Sound:
> 	OK. It works. It is useful. I don't think it should be moved
> Conclusion:
> 	Much things here are meaningless for most users (developers not included).
> I propose a great cleanup here. I don't know yet what to do with the
> "Advanced Settings" (I don't know whether a separate dialog is a good
> choice at all).

why don't we look at the other tabs first?

> I think that adding simple system volume and balance 
> settings may be a good idea (this is based on my mother's answer to the
> question "Where would you look if you want to configure volume?". I know
> about the existence of KMix.).

or at least provide a link/button that opens kmix... i'm not sure how 
easy/feasable it would be to offer static volume/balance controls on this 
page... depends on how much variety there are between control of the 
different mixers.. 

perhaps embedding the kmix applet would be an interesting concept?

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