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On Friday February 28, 2003 11:42, Klas Kalass wrote:
> Am Freitag, 28. Februar 2003 20:10 schrieb Neil Stevens:
> > The point is that everything you do in your app could be done with
> > Noatun plugins, and would bring more functionality that way.
> >
> > Look:  I'm not necessarily arguing against your app's inclusion in KDE
> > 3.2. I favor a large, inclusive KDE.  I just question what value it
> > would bring to the release that Noatun doesn't already provide.
> The greatest value is the usability of JUK. It just works, right away.
> No need to search for some obscure plugins or anything. It is dead easy
> to use and that makes it a great addition IMO. I am sure that Scott and
> others will be happy to work on integrating the internals if there
> really is much that can be done.
> But the GUI is the biggest strength and should not be replaced by
> something confusing.

The way to integrate the UI of juk with the internals of everything else
would be to make noatun plugins out of juk.

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