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On Friday February 28, 2003 10:15, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> Could you help out those of us who don't have our fingers on the pulse
> of kdemm with some more detail?
> On Friday 28 February 2003 11:07, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Well, it duplicates parts of mpeglib,
> does it have its own copy of mpeglib or?

Bu supplying its own decoders it duplicates the functionality we get from 

> > noatun,
> well, obviously, since it's another media player interface, though
> arguably of a completely different category.

More specific than that.  Noatun's optimized for the same uses juk is: 
music.  I'd not argue juk duplicates aktion, kaboodle, or kscd

> > KFileMetaInfo,
> does this refer to it's mp3 tag reading/editting? or?


> > aRts,
> i thought it used aRts? what part of aRts does it duplicate?

Its multiple output methods duplicate what we do in artsd.  Noatun could 
move the same outputs if the output code were moved into artsd instead.

> > while supporting less than they do.
> what is it lacking, exactly?

Well, I can say right of the bat it's lacking filtering and support for 
more than just the two encodings.  It also appears to lack the network 
stream playback Noatun can be configured to do.

> it's obviously a fairly vertical app (music
> and playlists) versus something more flexible such as noatun with video
> support, skins, plugins, etc... but that isn't necessarily a bad thing,
> depending on what people actually want such an application to do...

I argued the same thing about Noatun when moving Kaboodle into 
kdemultimedia.  But I agree: It's not necessarily a bad thing to move this 

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