[linux-audio-dev] Fwd: CSL Motivation (fwd)

Tim Jansen ml at tjansen.de
Thu Feb 27 19:25:40 GMT 2003

On Thursday 27 February 2003 18:39, Paul Davis wrote:
> The point is that PortAudio follows the same basic abstraction that
> the audio APIs on the overwhelmingly dominant platforms for audio
> software development follow (callback-driven). Those APIs have emerged
> from years of practical experience writing serious audio applications,
> and I strongly believe (as you know) that they should be taken very
> seriously. 

Did the other platforms use a callback-driven approach because it is a 
superior API, or because it is the only way to have sound on 
cooperative-multitasking OSes like MacOS <X and early Windows versions?

Callback-driven APIs are much harder to use, especially with many existing 
codecs and frameworks that have been written with a push API in mind.


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