CSL Motivation

Tim Jansen ml at tjansen.de
Thu Feb 27 00:20:05 GMT 2003

On Thursday 27 February 2003 00:34, Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> Ok, correct if I'm wrong, but isn't it so that if I - as your average KDE
> user - want to use a JACK app, I need to disable aRts completely, do the
> reconfiguration outside KDE configuration tools (which I happen to know
> the best), and once I succeed, my KDE audio apps won't work anymore.

This problem is impossible to solve. But CSL makes sure that you can use every 
regular KDE application with every sound backend. So if you are using a JACK 
app, you need to use JACK as sound server. I guess there is nothing on the 
world that can solve this problem, unless every backend/server supports every 


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