Admin: Notice and yet another mail address not working

Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at
Tue Feb 25 10:28:07 GMT 2003


I've disabled the mauro.kde at subscription due to problems 
delivering mail there.

Also, in the future, I don't plan to send such mails to the mailing list 
anymore, in case of problems during several days, I'll just disable the 
address SILENTLY (and remove it if it's not enabled in a month by the 
user). Everyone should take care to see that the email address with which 
you subscribed to the list is working correctly.

Of course, I will just do it when there are problems (like full quotas, 
user unknown, etc.) for some time (for example, more than 2 days).

If you think it's not good to do it silently, please tell me a better 
solution for those problems, but I don't think the list should be bothered 
with such mails which just add noise more often than I thought.


Antonio Larrosa Jimenez
KDE developer - larrosa at
With a rubber duck,one's never alone --The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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