glib comments

Tim Jansen tjansen at
Tue Feb 25 09:11:43 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 25 February 2003 04:27, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> And they should have to be MCOP developers?  Just an example, I know you
> already qualified your opinion on aRts and some of the relative difficulty
> in developing for it.
> [...]
> Ok, another question (though not specifically for you) -- is this just a
> idealogical answer or are there actually other developers on here that
> would not be willing to work in a GObject based environment?  

Interesting point, indeed. There is not a single framework that uses QObject. 
Arts uses MCOP, GStreamer uses GObject, NMM uses its own IDL (don't know 
whether they have a name for it).


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