Media Options for KDE 4

Tim Jansen ml at
Mon Feb 24 22:21:33 GMT 2003

On Monday 24 February 2003 23:04, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Yes, I see the problems with C, but so far there is not a single
> > framework that does use C++ in its core or for the codecs. So unless you
> Resigning ourselves to interact with C does not require us to use glib,
> however.

But, as you said yourself earlier, glib in the core is not a problem. 

glib is already completely hidden in the GStreamer bindings' API if you are 
using it for all normal uses (normal use = not writing codecs or similar 
plugins). What's left is the ability to extend from GStreamer objects without 
using glib/gobject, and this seems to be a solvable problem; the python 
binding already does it.


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